Sunday, May 12, 2019

2019 Summer Projects Taking Shape

At the HCHS Board meeting on May 6 President George West outlined the projects taking shape for this summer.  As a means of keeping our membership and the community informed we'll be providing updates through periodic blog posts.

Our 2019 project list includes improvements to the following buildings located at our site in Lake Linden:
  • The Depot Building.  There are a number of improvements slated here. We expect to bid out the major portion of this work shortly:
    • Replacement of the depot roof.
    • Replacement of the siding on one side of the depot.
    • Painting
    • Door replacement / repair.
    • Funding for this work includes a grant through the Keweenaw National Historical Park.
  • The Church Building.
    • We will be bidding shortly for shingle siding repairs and painting at the former Congregational Church building at the corner of First Street and N Avenue in Lake Linden.  This building serves as our Heritage Center and is also our temporary office space since the Father's Day flood of last year.
    • Funding for this work includes a grant from Steven C. Leuthold Family Foundation.
  • The Traprock Valley School Building.
    • Scraping, painting and minor woodwork repair are the focus on this building.
    • Funding for this work includes a generous donation of labor and materials by the family of HCHS member Pam Hawley.