Saturday, July 27, 2019

Project Updates on Three of Our Summer Projects

Museum brick and cornice work complete

REJ Contracting has now completed all the brick and cornice repairs to the Museum Building.  Cracked or damaged bricks have been replaced, and the damaged and missing cornice pieces have all been repaired. All of the exterior masonry has been painted to it's original white color.

In the photo below from our last post you can see the cornice repair, with a good view of the brick repair underneath, taken before the painting was complete.  This view is of the left hand corner, facing the front of the building.

This next photo was taken earlier this week and shows the completed work.  All the masonry, including the cornices, the window sills and the string course (the horizontal piece above the ground level floor) now have their original bright white appearance.

Traprock Valley School Painting

The photo below, taken earlier this week, shows the progress on painting at the School House.  At this point, scraping of loose paint had been accomplished on the back and one side of the building, and primer had been applied to the back wall. 

Work has continued this week and much progress has been made. When finished, the school house will be returned to it's original white paint color.

This project is being completed through donation of labor and materials by Society member (and previous Board member) Pam Hawley and her family.

Work Progressing on the Church Building

Dirtwork Contracting of Calumet has been engaged to complete the shingle siding repairs and painting at the former Congregational Church building at the corner of First Street and N Avenue in Lake Linden.  The wood shingles are being made, and will be painted off site.  Once that work is complete the new shingles will be brought on site and put up. 

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Update on the Museum Building Repairs

REJ Contracting has completed repairs to the brick and cornice of the Museum Building.  They are now working to powerwash, strip, prime and paint all the exterior masonry to it's original white color. Work is expected to be completed this month.

In this photo you can  see the cornice repair, with a good view of the brick repair underneath.

Here you can see masonry that has been sandblasted in preparation for painting.